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There is no need to 'go it alone' with our mentoring service.


At Pure Zen Life Coaching & Mentoring, we understand that the work/life balance can often be an uphill struggle, it can also be very lonely as you work at building your business. 

We will provide a tailor made service personally delivered on a

one-2-one basis, group sessions, & workshops.

We can help in the following areas...

  • Business Strategy 

  • Communication Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Mindset

  • Personal Health

  • Well-being

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Goal Setting

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Focus on Strengths / Work on Weaknesses

  • Setting Sustainable and Realistic Plans

One-2-One Sessions - from single sessions to block sessions by arrangement.


Group Sessions - our group sessions are no larger than four people.

Workshops - we offer half day, full day and two day workshops.

Book a FREE consultation, we'll focus on the areas you need work on and agree the most beneficial and appropriate programme for you.

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