Allow us to be your guide, teaching you the techniques needed to create and maintain a steady personal practice. These classes are so much more than simply learning exercises, they are about creating a healthier lifestyle. Discover the tools and develop the habits you’ll need to help improve your daily patterns and ultimately, your life.


It's All About You Day Retreat 




February - 26th February

March - 26th March

YOU are the only solution...

It's all about complete and utter relaxation, the ultimate in self care.

Our It's All About YOU Day Retreat at Pure Zen is the perfect place to be if you want to simply switch off for the day, unwind and feel revitalised.

It's time to be kind to yourself, looking after your mind, body and spirit.

Let's embrace what's important - YOUR well-being. 

This Day Retreat is an opportunity to enjoy -

* Tai Chi for Health or Breathwork

* Mindful Walking (Weather Permitting)

* Herbal Tea

* Understanding the Chakras

* Reiki Healing

* Crystals

* Aromatherapy Blending Bar

* Cream Tea

* A Beautiful Guided Meditation

Please bring a packed lunch, notebook and pen (you might want to take some notes), cosy socks and a comfy blanket.  Suitable footwear etc required for Mindful Walking (walking is weather permitting).


10am till 3.30pm



2023 Dates Coming Soon

Meditation, Crystals and Fun…

Join us with your child/children at Pure Zen for an afternoon which will include -


  • Meditation for Children

  • Crystals for Children

  • Fun with Mandalas

  • Fun with Sound


Meditation is simply noticing what is happening right now.

That’s it!  It’s easy for children to understand the idea of “now”.


The Dalai Lama said, 'If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.

1pm till 2.30pm


Refreshments provided.


£18 (One Child plus parent)

£24 (Two Children plus parent)


Forest Bathing @ Mauldslie Bridge, ML8 5QD

Sunday 6th November @ Peebles (Pure Zen Retreat)

Forest Bathing commences again in March 2023

Pure Zen launched Forest Bathing (Lanarkshire) on Sunday 3rd April, 2022.

Forest Bathing will help you experience nature through your senses using -

* Sound

* Smell

* Taste

* Touch

* Sight

Science has proven, Forest Bathing helps -

* Reduce Stress

* Lower Blood Pressure

* Alleviate Depression

* Stabilise Moods

* Improves Sleep

Let's reconnect with nature.

You won't need much in the way of equipment -

* Water

* Extra Layers (weather dependent)

* Cup for tea

* Camera

* Yoga Mat

Herbal tea and biscuits are provided.

THIS IS A FREE EVENT - Donation for refreshments welcome.

Meeting at Mauldslie Bridge @ 10.30am